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Do you want to rank on top of Search Engine results?


Visual Link has Search Engine Optimisation solutions to boost your online visibility and make sure your target will have access to your website.



There are many techniques to increase the ranking position in the main search engines and we will adapt our SEO Package according to your business objectives and your online strategy.

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The majority of your website traffic comes from Search Engines as Google, Yahoo and Bing. If you are not located in the first page of the results for the keywords that matter for your business, you are missing your target online. Organic SEO is a key stake to increase your online visibility.


Key word Research

We start with an identification of the keywords your target uses to search for your activity, your products or your services. We will discuss with you to identify a range of keywords to concentrate on. From there, we will build a strategy to get you well-ranked on the keywords that matters.


Pay Per Click Advertising

Search Engine Optimization is a long process and you will not appear on top of the results straight away. However, there are advertising solutions like PPC Advertising to improve immediately your visibility.


SEO friendly Website


We will audit your website to make sure it is built to be easily accessible by search engines with all the features required to get a good ranking.


It can indlude for example:

  • Page name with keywords
  • Body content optimization
  • H1 header text
  • Meta title, description, keyword, header text, footer text
  • ALT tag optimization
  • Footer links
  • Sitemaps
  • Error page
Major search engines regularly change their algorithms and rules, and these changes impact website rankings in their results. We can monitor your website on a regular basis to make sure your position is maintained.

Back Linking / Content / Link Bait / Social Media: We can help your website get more incoming links!

Backlinks are very important for search engines: your website must be linked to other popular websites. This requires a real strategy as search engines consider relevant and irrelevant links.


We have solutions to register your website in relevant directories.


However, we believe the best way to get more links to your website is to provide great content.There are rules and techniques to please search engine with your content. We have SEO copywriter services to help you get good quality and relevant content for SEO. They can also write articles for you to submit to E-zines (e-magazines) and provide more backlinks. Providing unique and interesting content will generate backlinks.


We can also build for you a widget within your website to attract more visitor and encourage other websites to link to this special feature.


Search engines also like fresh content, this is why being involved in social media (blogging, social networks...) can definitely help your SEO. We also provide Social Media services.




Our SEO Packages start at $100. However, the cost of your SEO depends on the competitiveness of your industry and the time required to boost your ranking, which is specific to every project.


Send us an email or call us on 02 9565 2884 to talk to us about your project and your objective, and receive a quote for your business!

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