QR Codes

Do you want your customers to quickly access to relevant information regarding your business from their mobile devices, with QR codes?


QR code = Quick Response code. They can be applied and printed wherever you want. When your target scan it with their smartphone, they will quickly access to specific information: a website, a landing page, a file download...



Visual Link can create the QR Code and the content it redirects to. Costs of using a QR code can be very affordable, contact us with your objectives for a quote!





For example, your customer can scan a code with a smartphone to:


  • See product details
  • Get contact details
  • Lear about an offer details
  • Read an event details
  • Be informed on a competition details
  • Watch a YouTube video
  • Get a Coupon or a Discount
  • Download an E-Book
  • Access to your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin accounts and directly connect with you...




We can also handle the design and the print to integrate your QR code in your visual communications, for example in:


If you want to learn more about QR Codes, you can read our blog article Your target uses Smartphones: have you considered using QR Codes?




To find out more about our services and how we can help your business, send us an email or call us on 02 9565 2884!

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they were timely in responding and were able to complete the job in limited timeframe. so yes can recommend their work. also was a great quality product produced.


Have you optimized your business cards? Your target uses Smartphones: have you considered using QR Codes?