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Do you want an effective logo design for your business?


Designing a logo is the basis of the branding of a business, and it is a complex task. At Visual Link, Logo design in Sydney, NSW Australia, we make high quality logo design accessible for any businesses.



YOUR logo is the symbol to identify YOUR business. It is generally what will impact your audience first and it must be easy to recognise and to memorize. Visual Link's experience in logo design and  vision ensure you to get an effective logo for your business.



Designing the perfect logo for a business requires a lot of involvment. At Visual Link, we take into consideration your ideas about your business concept and values as well as your target and expectations. We develop these ideas, communicate and use our own expertise for providing the best results. We understand that the needs of each customer are unique and therefore we never jump to the conclusions. Every project starts with a careful analysis of our customer’s business and study of the competitors. With this information in our hands we develop a design idea and communicate it back to the client. To have your complete satisfaction, we will present you a few sketches of the design and let you choose. We will then work on the final one to have it perfect.


After designing your logo, we will provide you on request POA the artwork and the font files you will need later for your communications.



"Sometimes clients just don't know what they want, and until they see it, they can't express what their likes and dislikes are. We understand this and work very patiently with clients to give them multiple renderings"

- Jose Fernandez, Art Director, Visual Link




To cover your further needs, we offer a wide range of services in printing, marketing and brand identity that will save you time by having only one interlocutor and all your communication tools available in one place.

To find out more about our services and how we can help your business, send us an email or call us on 02 9565 2884!

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they were timely in responding and were able to complete the job in limited timeframe. so yes can recommend their work. also was a great quality product produced.