Branding Methodology


  • Surveys and interviews with senior executives and sales managers.
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis for the company as a whole.
  • Visual Link will guide you in the process.

What You Need to Know

Get an In-depth Understanding of Your Customers

Research these customers attributes:

  • Segmentation (e.g. agriculture, construction, hardware stores, regional, etc.)
  • Product Purchase Decision Making Process and Purchaser Motivations
  • Distributor
  • End-user Customer
  • Workplace Environment
  • Needs/Desires
  • Hopes/Aspirations
  • Fears/Concerns
  • Product Usage Behaviour


  • Customer focus groups and surveys
  • Sales and customer service focus groups and surveys
  • Visit outlets and stores where your products are sold

Get an In-depth Understanding of Your Competition

When a company positions its brand in a customer’s mind, it is positioning that brand against other brands. It is critical to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOTs) of each competitor along with the industry structure itself. This knowledge is important because you want to uniquely "own" an important benefit in your customer’s mind.


  • Competitor information will come from all the customer and sales focus groups and surveys and from industry sources
  • Visual Link can guide you as to where and how to find additional competitive information.
  • Visual Link can help you setup an on-going competitor monitoring program.
  • Visual Link can help you compile a comprehensive competitor SWOT report

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