Branding Implementation

Ensure Your Final Brand Management and Equity Plan Will be Implemented

Without senior management and key employee buy-in, your final brand management and equity building plan will just collect dust.

One of the most difficult tasks in brand management is transforming the organization from a low level of brand management to one that embraces it and actively builds the brand as an important source of sustainable competitive advantage. Support for such a transformation has to start with senior management. This is true for b-to-b businesses, and especially true for manufacturers.

Why this difficulty? The key to success for brand building is the effective delivery of the brand promise - the promise of a relevant, compelling and differentiating benefit to the target customers that is delivered at each point of contact with customers - from the executive who visits important customers, to sales people, customer service, advertising, public relations, the internet, etc. Only the support of senior management can make this kind of cultural evolution happen.

Therefore, it is critical to gauge the current temperature for support and to get buy-in of a Brand Management and Equity Building Plan with senior management. You need to identify any potential obstacles early to assuage any concerns they may have and in order to take corrective action. Also, the full scope of the benefits of brand building must be understood and appreciated:

  • Increased revenues and market share in Mexico, USA and Canada
  • Decreased price sensitivity
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Additional leverage with retailers and end-user customers
  • Increased profitability
  • Increased company equity
  • Increased clarity of vision
  • Increased ability to mobilize all employees and focus activities
  • Increased ability to expand into new product and service categories
  • Increased ability to attract and retain high quality employees


  • Visual Link can assess current practices and then guide you in implementation

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