Brand Management Practices

Examine Your Current Brand Management Practices

Brand Management Audit

Visual Link suggests creating a baseline against which to measure future success.

Areas examined and rated: Brand Research, Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Identity Standards and Systems, Brand Advertising, Internal Brand Building, Marketing and Advertising Employee Skill Sets.


  • Surveys and in-depth interviews with all Marketing and Advertising staff.

Define Current Brand Architecture

Visual Link suggests constructing a brand matrix and overlay it with business information, such as distribution, cost of sales, percent of sales, brand impact on the business as a whole, etc. As results are obtained from focus groups, surveys, interview, etc, the brand architecture matrix will be developed further.


  • Surveys and in-depth interviews with Marketing and Advertising staff.
  • Gather business information
  • Construct the Brand Architecture matrix document under guidance from Visual Link.

Prepare Your Marketing and Advertising Department for the Process

Visual Link suggests that we present an overview of the brand management process to your advertising and marketing group so that the final goals can be agreed upon, responsibilities clearly defined and focus maintained.

In addition, we recommend that we establish a common brand management vocabulary so that your Marketing and Advertising Department and Visual Link can communicate with fewer misunderstandings, and more importantly, help communicate and reinforce key brand management principles throughout the rest of the company as we proceed with the project. Some concepts to understand:

  • Brand
  • Brand Equity or Value
  • Brand Image
  • Brand Associations
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Essence
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Portfolio
  • Brand Architecture
  • Trade Dress
  • Brand Extension
  • Brand Management Process

This effort can also provide material to start your Brand Management Manual.


  • Visual Link to prepare a Brand Management Seminar for your Marketing and Advertising department.
  • Define the roles and duties of the Brand Management research team and those of Visual Link. Consider this a “kick-off” meeting
    for the project.
  • You can start the preparation of a Brand Management Manual. Visual Link can provide text, editing and can produce electronically and create associated graphs and imagery.

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