Brand Management Plan

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Brand Management Plan

Determine Brand Positioning

Once the target customers have been identified and profiled, and competitors understood, this portion of the Brand Management Plan will focus on the three major components of brand positioning for a differentiating space in customer minds.

Brand Essence – the brand’s “heart and soul.”

It is constant, timeless and enduring; unchanging overtime, across geographies or in different situations.

Brand Promise – the promise of a relevant, compelling and differentiating benefit to the target customer that is delivered at each point of contact with customers

Brand Personality – the adjectives that describe the brand (trustworthy, appealing, unique, etc.)
Once these three elements are established for each brand, it is the responsibility of the Brand Management Plan team to keep the focus and build the brand.


  • Brand Positioning Workshops, involving key stakeholders such as company leaders and marketing and sales managers.
  • Brand Essence Exercises as part of focus groups.
  • Test resulting brand positioning with customer focus groups.

Create Brand Identity Standards and Systems

Visual Link can help in the development of tools for maintaining brand identity consistency.

  • Develop a corporate graphics style
  • Publish brand identity standards and systems accessible on intranet sites: use and treatment of names, logos, taglines, typography, symbols, package design, brand voice, visual style etc.
  • Develop a simple, formal methodology for your Marketing and Advertising to address internal customer needs for communications (printed sales pieces, letters, trade journal advertising, etc.). Develop an internal project checklist.
  • Develop a methodology for Marketing and Advertising to evaluate the effectiveness of their communications
  • Create photo libraries
  • Brand message guidelines and the use of scripts for sales and customer service.

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